When writing comes to you. When writing gives you the opportunity to share a vision of the world, your vision one. Books, poems, philosophical thoughts, academic articles, program notes, whatever. Writing is essential. 

In my library : 


Le chant à bouche fermée. Typologie des techniques, Paris, Observatoire musical français, coll. "Histoire, théorie, analyse", 2012, 80 p. 

Ideas for subtly exploring the resources of the voice when the mouth is completely closed. An opportunity to rehabilitate a singing technique that is sometimes neglected and criticized.

Technique used with my students in the following recording: Jehan ALAIN, Chanson à bouche fermée.

La chanson polyphonique au temps de Debussy, Ravel et Poulenc, Paris, L'Harmattan, coll. "Univers musical", 2017, 480 p. 

Ideas for building a rich and subtle interpretation of the works. An opportunity to rediscover little-known works.

This book is part of a triptych dedicated to French polyphonic song. In addition to the book, the triptych includes:

- a multilingual libretto (La chanson de Debussy à Poulenc)

- and a CD

here is an excerpt: Reynaldo Hahn, "Pleurez avec moi", text by Théodore Agrippa d'Aubigné.

See also Edith Weber's article about the CD in L'Éducation Musicale.


Photos: Tony BERTRAND