(pieces of life)

Early childhood in Paris

  • Born in Paris  

  • 1st contacts with music

  • Beginning of schooling in Paris 

4-14 years old: schooling in Guadeloupe 

  • 10 years old: 1st experience as a conductor (Guadeloupe)
  • 12 years old: 1st orchestral emotion listening to the rondeau of the Abdelazer suite by Purcell
  • 14 years old: left Guadeloupe to study music in Paris

15-35 years old: years of studies, thinking and introspection 

  • 17 years old: High School Diploma (literature and music)
  • 18-29 years old: higher studies in music, musicology (PhD, "agrégation de musique") alongside intense professional and educational activities (conservatories, schools, universities)

35 years old -  : start of a new adventure as a plural artist 

  • "Overseas Talent 2019" award (as a "conductor")

  • Artistic projects centered on the Caribbean

  • Social artistic projects

  • Various artistic projects (Baroque music, symphonic music, jazz)