"Africana x Marielle Cafafa", interview-podcast with Anna Rabemanantsoa.

"Africana Africano", Episode 13 

Recording: july, 2020, broadcasting : october, 2020 

Duration: 1h27 

"Marielle Cafafa pa vin la fè kèt", from the song "97" by Admiral T (ragga dance hall). 

Song-tribute to Caribbean personnalities: Thomas Lémar, Alexandre Lacazette, Maryse Condé, Claudy Siar, Claudio Beauvue and Marielle Cafafa 

March, 2020 

"Marielle Cafafa, chef d'orchestre", radio report by Tiziana Marone, France Ô, january, 2020, duration: 1'52

"La Guadeloupéenne Marielle Cafafa, première cheffe d'orchestre ultramarine", press article by Tiziana Marone and MB, France TV info, Portail des Outre-mer, january, 2020